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What Recruitment KPI’s Should Recruiters Care About?

What Recruitment KPI's Should Recruiters Care About? Recruitment KPI's and Metrics are often unpopular. Yet they are still important to a recruiters success. Alex joined Cameron from Firefishsoftware.com to discuss which recruitment metrics you should care about. Hear...

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How Recruiters Can Reduce Counter Offer Risk

How Recruiters Can Reduce Counter Offer Risk When a candidate accepts a counter offer it hurts,  a lot. You do all the work and you don’t get paid! Of course, however frustrating it is for you - it is always the candidate’s right to choose whether or not they take a...

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3.5 Misconceptions About GDPR for Recruiters

3.5 Misconceptions About GDPR It is less than 6 months until GDPR becomes law. There is an unending stream of blogs and whitepapers giving advice on how to become GDPR compliant - typically from solution providers claiming to have "the answer". In time, tested...

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How Do Recruiting ‘Bots’ Work?

How Do Recruiting Bots Work? Will recruiting machines replace human recruiters? Your answer will depend on whether you are a techie or whether you are a recruiter whos livelihood depends upon making placements. From the tech perspective, Artificial...

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Stop! Get More Client Commitment

Stop And Get More Client CommitmentRecruiters spend too much time working on client briefings with little or no client commitment. They spend their days approaching candidates and promoting the opportunity - when in reality candidates are unlikely to even get an...

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How to Grow Your Billings in 2018

How to Grow Your Billings in 2018 Having a target is one thing.   Knowing how you are going to reach it is another!   This is why thousands of recruiters every year put time aside in January to plan how they are going to hit their goals in the coming year.   On our...

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Predictable Sales for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners

Predictable Sales for Recruitment and Search Firm Owners Happy New year to you, I hope 2018 is your best year yet A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for the popular ‘Renegade Recruiter Unleashed’ Podcast Click here to listen to the interview The 'Renegade...

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5 things to do in December to make January Amazing

I love December for a number of reasons.  Socialising and eating are two big ones!  But at a work level,  the main reason is that it feels OK to be taking it easier because I know my competitors are also doing the same. Unfortunately, like many other things that I...

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Where are your leads coming from?

Leads are expensive. They cost time, money or both. Do you know where your leads are coming from? We have updated our lead tracking to help you answer that - and to help you focus on your most effective channels. Here is how to make the most of our new functionality....

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Add an opportunity with 1 click!

One of our core values is #fewerClicks We believe that Nurtureit needs to be easy to use - so that you'll actually use it! Our latest update lets you add opportunities with a single click. Here's how it works... 1) Click to add an opportunity. In the image below, I...

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Recruiting Gym: Motivating Your Team To Use Their CRM

Motivating better CRM usage is a challenge for leaders.  Organisation and planning have never been more important to recruiters, but still usage stays low.   Whilst most recruiters can survive hunting down new business every day.  Life is easier when you have a flow...

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