Pipeline mastery leads to a boringly brilliant life. Some may enjoy the roller coaster of up and down billings, but most directors just want to know what they are going to bill month in month out.     Whilst recruiters cannot directly control what clients do and do not do every day. They can influence how they manage their leads , vacancies and placements.    

This show will help consultants, managers and directors the understand key levers they can use to be consistent in their billings.

Topics covered will be:

– Understanding the components parts your sales pipeline

– How to prioritise sourcing efforts to free more time for business development

– Improving consistency of  lead generation & conversion activities

– Being better at looking after what you have got.

About Alex Moyle

I have spent the last 14 years helping 000's of recruiters be better at what they do. My goal is to make recruitment simple. I love using analogies that connect a recruiters job with the things they have already experienced. Please comment or ask questions below, I try to answer everyone. To stay updated with our latest blogs and videos sign up below.