We have more updates to share! We hope you enjoy them…

1:  Clearer Alerts

Rather than showing a cryptic red warning triangle, we now show you exactly what is happening…

2: Fewer Clicks

One of our core values is that Nurtureit should be as easy to use as possible. We try to reduce the number of times you have to click to perform common tasks.

We have added ‘one-click’ buttons when a job goes past the start date or the end of rebate. A single click will move the job into ‘In Rebate / Contract’ or mark it as a ‘Done Deal’

3:  More ‘Pretty’

Sometimes you have to pause the functional changes to add something cool!

We have integrated fantastic images from Unsplash to let you pick the background image for your pipeline.

Alex is enjoying the ‘Random daily photo’ option.

Just click on the ‘image’ icon on the right of the screen to pick your background.

And many more small changes…

We hope you enjoy these updates.  If you have any questions or feedback – please let us know. Just click on the chat button in the bottom right of the app.

Check out your new-look pipeline!