Motivating better CRM usage is a challenge for leaders.  Organisation and planning have never been more important to recruiters, but still usage stays low.   Whilst most recruiters can survive hunting down new business every day.  Life is easier when you have a flow of inbound leads.   To do this you need to nurture relationships over a sustained period of time.   However, if the right data is not in the system, this type of activity becomes impossible to perform.

But, day in day out I hear from managers that recruiters are dreadful at using their CRM, whether it be searching or entering data.    Why is this?   Because most recruiters see little benefit in entering in data into the CRM.   In this webinar we will be sharing the keys to motivating your recruiters to use their CRM (or any other sales tech tool)  better.   If you cannot make the webinar then also read out blog outlining the four ways to motivate recruiters to use their CRM better.

Show Outline

On the show we will be covering the following topics:

  • How to make data entry simple
  • How to show recruiters to make more money from using the CRM
  • How managers can use the CRM & other tools for helping with reviews
  • How to make data entry non-negotiable

Show Timings

Date: Monday 27th November

Time:  14:00 GMT,  09:00 EST, 18:00 GST

Watch the Replay Below

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