One of our core values is #fewerClicks

We believe that Nurtureit needs to be easy to use – so that you’ll actually use it!

Our latest update lets you add opportunities with a single click. Here’s how it works…

1) Click to add an opportunity.

In the image below, I have circled the button to add an opportunity that is already at the 1st interview stage.

That’s it; That’s your 1 click!

Click to create

Now you can enter the title for the job. Don’t worry about selecting the title box; We have selected it for you!

Enter your info

Once you have entered the title, press TAB to move to the company field.

Type the name of the company linked to the job and press enter to select the one you want. You can use the up/down arrows if there are multiple matches in your list.

(Note – I’m assuming here that you are selecting a company that already exists in your list – but you can actually add a new company without clicks using the same techniques)

That’s all the required info entered already.

Press Ctrl + Enter to save

Info entered

Job done!

It’s true that not everyone likes to use keyboard shortcuts like this.

Of course, Nurtureit is totally intuitive if you want to click to select fields and click to save. (and that would only add two extra clicks in this case!)

We work hard to keep minimise clicks for everyone – and we want to give power-users the ability to get things done _really_ quickly!