How to Grow Your Billings in 2018

Having a target is one thing.
Knowing how you are going to reach it is another!
This is why thousands of recruiters every year put time aside in January to plan how they are going to hit their goals in the coming year.
On our first show of the year, we had the legendary Mike Walmsley –  founder of  Mike has built successful recruitment companies, coached hundreds of recruitment leaders and trained tens of thousands of recruiters.
Mike was a superb guest, not only did he share tactics and techniques for recruiters to grow their business he also showed us ‘HOW’.  Just check out some of the later questions and you will see how Mike approaches differentiating his service and gaining commitment from a client.
To view, the show click on the video below.
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On the show Mike answered the following questions:
  • 3:00min – How can experienced recruiters grow their billings by 25k to 50kpa
  • 14:45min – Whats the one thing you can do to triple your billings?
  • 19:40min – In today’s market what are successful recruiters doing to win more new business?
  • 25:05min – How to ask a line manager for a face to face meeting when they have no vacancy?
  • 33:40min – How do you get a potential client to give you the commitment to future business?
  • 37:20min – What are the three levels of commitment you can get from a client?

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