How Do Recruiting Bots Work?

Will recruiting machines replace human recruiters?

Your answer will depend on whether you are a techie or whether you are a recruiter whos livelihood depends upon making placements.

From the tech perspective, Artificial Intelligence already touches many parts of our lives (Facebook, Linkedin). So why not take over the role of searching for a new job?

My personal view on the role of AI and Machines in recruitment is that they will not replace recruiters. But, they will certainly automate parts of the recruitment process where being a human adds less value to the process.  This will likely be transactional parts of the process such as,  searching job boards or managing responses to unsuccessful applicants.

But handling the initial approach to candidates?  I am not so sure.

On this week’s show, we will be exploring the role of ‘Chat Bots’ in the recruitment process.

Is it possible a that a chatbot could be more effective at attracting a candidates interest that a human?

Our Guest on this show was Iain Hamilton from People Traction.   Iain is a specialist in developing chatbots for the recruitment sector.   Iain believes that a recruiting bots can be more effective than a human recruiter.

Questions we answered during the show:

4:20 – What are the different ways AI or Bots are used in the Recruitment Process?
7:15 – How do Recruiting Bots work in the area of Talent Acquisition?
10:38 – Do candidates Know they are speaking with a Bot?
11:28 – How do you prepare the ‘Bot’ for the types of questions candidates are going to ask?
12:50 – Is there evidence that suggests candidates are more willing to engage with a Bot than a recruiter?
15:53 – Are Bots only used by corporate recruiters?
18:00 – How does advertising on Facebook differ from linked-in and job boards?
19:50 – Can Using ‘Bots’ increase reduce the need for recruiters to use the phone?
25:10 – how does the Bot learn what vacancies a candidate is interested in?
27:05 – Are bots used more for entry-level roles or for more senior roles?
28:20 – How many questions and answers do you need to have when creating your ‘Bot’?
29:20 – Do any bots use video interviewing in thier application process?
30:26 – For agencies, what percentage of candidates engaging with the Bot convert into actively registered candidates?
30:05 – Can I create my own chatbot?
32:30 – 3 reasons recruitment agencies should be excited about bots?

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