How Recruiters Can Reduce Counter Offer Risk

When a candidate accepts a counter offer it hurts,  a lot.

You do all the work and you don’t get paid!

Of course, however frustrating it is for you – it is always the candidate’s right to choose whether or not they take a job you get for them.

In this week’s show, we focused on the things candidates can do to influence how a candidate responds to the inevitable counteroffer from their existing employer.

On the show, we answered the following questions

00:20 – Why are we talking about counter offers?
01:30 – Why preventing counter offers not stopping counter offers?
02:30 – How do many Recruiters mitigate counteroffer risk?
03:50 – What is placement risk?
05:00 – How might recruiters already be exposing themselves to counter offer risk?
10:47 – What is the right mindset for managing placement risk?
11:45 – What is a 5 step process for preventing counteroffer issues?
18:00 – What are the questions you can use today?
24:40 – What Are Recruiters Trying To Achieve In Their Counteroffer Conversations?
28:10 – Can you get your client to help you prevent counteroffer Issues?
30:15 – Should a Recruiter Warn A Candidate May Be Counteroffered?
35:30 – Is It A Good Thing To Advice A Candidate To Stay In Their Current Role?

There is also a handout that accompanies the show.  You can download the training handout by clicking the button below.

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