How to Win More New Business Using Linkedin

There was a time when the phone was the most effective tool a recruiter had to win new business.

Times are changing.  Increasingly recruiters and other sales professionals are turning to Linkedin and other forms of social media to find potential clients and win new business from them.

In my heart, I still feel that the phone is still the best tool for a recruiter to win new business.  However, my head knows that over the last 4 years 50% of my own new business has come directly from my marketing activity on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

On this week’s show,  we were joined by Tony Restell, Founder of a social media marketing agency.

Tony’s agency spends its time helping recruitment companies make more fees from social media.  Importantly Tony has grown his own agency through the use of social media rather than a large sales team.

His advice is based on his own tried and tested experience.


On this show Tony answered the following questions:

4:34 – Topic 1: What are the most effective business development activities on Social Media?
6:37 – what are the common mistakes make when converting a new connection into a conversation.
7:48 – What can I talk about on Social Media to start conversations?
10.28 – What are the topics that are more likely to engage people in conversation?
Which type of video does best individually recorded or professionally produced?
12:20 – How should Social Media activity fit into your standard sales process?
22:00 – Should Agencies run webinars to engage potential clients?
24:10 – Topic 2: Is it all about Linkedin or do other Social Media channels work just as well?
26:00 – What do you do if you start a conversation online and it turns into an argument?
29:24 – Topic 3: What is a step by step process a recruiter can use when starting a desk from scratch?
31:40 – What are some of the tools you can use to research your audience interests?
40:54 – Is it a good thing to go left field with your content topics?
42:57 – Topic 4: Which is more important Company or Individual presence on Social Media?


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