What Recruitment KPI’s Should Recruiters Care About?

Recruitment KPI’s and Metrics are often unpopular. Yet they are still important to a recruiters success. Alex joined Cameron from Firefishsoftware.com to discuss which recruitment metrics you should care about.

Hear how Alex answered the following questions:

1:08 – Why are metrics so important in Recruitment?
2:08 – How do you decide which metrics are important?
2:51 – How do you identify the most important metrics for you?
4:34 – What’s your view on traditional recruitment KPI’s?
8:14 – How would you motivate a team that hates KPI’s?
10:15 – What are the metrics that recruiters often neglect?
15:10 – How do you measure the maintenance of relationships?
18:28 – Whats the wackiest metric you have seen used? 20:50 – What leaders can do tomorrow to start using metrics better?
23:17 – Will companies ever kick their call KPI addiction?

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