Time Management for Recruiters

Time management is the greatest challenge you face as a recruiter.

You live in a whirlwind of competing demands every day:

  • Find candidates for your open vacancies
  • Communicate with candidates actively in a recruitment process. 
  • Chase clients for feedback on CV’s.
  • Generate new business leads. 
  • Chase existing leads to ensure they have vacancies to work next month.   
  • Nurture existing clients
  • Keep up with the admin and compliance that goes with running a desk

And we could go on….

Many recruiters end up spinning from one activity to the next activity through the day, reacting to what seems most urgent at the time.

This means that important proactive tasks that are critical for success in the medium term (lead generation, nurturing existing relationships) get overridden by short-term necessity.

At the end of the day, week or month you may stop and think.  


“AGGHH,  I was working so hard, but I didn’t really achieve what I wanted”.


You might even have missed your activity targets or billing targets.  

In short, poor time management is the result of spending too much time on reactive activities.

It is the main cause of recruiters living in a feast or famine billing cycle.

A feast and famine billing cycle is frustrating for you as a recruiter –  and even more frustrating for the managers and directors who are looking to grow their businesses!

Nurtureit provides an overview of each area of your pipeline to help you prioritize your time, keep on top of everything – and make sure you are allocating effort to medium term success.

The key to pipeline mastery is spending time every day doing things that will either drive revenue in the future or protect the revenue for work you have done already.

We help recruiters rebalance their time from spending too much time on reactive activities (Vacancy Management) to including proactive activities such as Lead Management (ensuring you have enough vacancies for next month) and Placement Management (looking after placements which are yet to start, or are in rebate or in a contract)

Recruiters love Nurtureit because two-thirds of our approach to pipeline management is focused on proactive activity rather than reactive activity – and it is immediately obvious if your pipeline is getting out of balance.

The way we do this is by increasing the visibility of each of the three stages of your pipeline

In the Lead Management stage, Nurtureit helps you be proactive by:

  • Organising your unqualified leads.  These are the companies you know may be recruiting but don’t yet have a working relationship with you.
  • Displaying your Warm leads in a way that ensures you leave no lead behind.  Warm leads are where you know a recruitment need is likely to arise in the next 90 days, recruitment may be coming soon.
  • Listing Hot leads, telling you where the live opportunities are today. These are the companies you should be sending your best candidates to –  and are the best place to go if you need new opportunities in a hurry.
  • Giving you an instantaneous view of the value and volume of opportunities in your pipeline


At Placement Management stage, Nurtureit helps you be proactive by:

  • Keeping candidates who have accepted vacancies but yet to start visibly in your workflow.  There is nothing worse than a candidate dropping out a few days before start date.  Keeping in touch ensures the candidate has resigned, is committed to starting and is not interviewing elsewhere.
  • Keeping candidates that are in their rebate period front of mind.  This ensures that you can anticipate and address any issues that may cause the candidate to drop-out


In the Vacancy Management stage, Nurtureit helps you be proactive by:

  • View each vacancy by stage in the process to visualise what needs to be done on each vacancy you have open.
  • Prioritise time and effort using our “Effort Prioritisation” methodology
  • View the number of days a vacancy has been in its column to assess opportunities that may be slipping by
  • Stall warnings prompt you to address potential issues with vacancies that have not moved for a set number of days
  • Quickly update volume of placement activities achieved (CV’s sent, 1st interviews, 2nd interviews)

Working vacancies IS important but if your time management is poor and focuses too much on reactive activity. It will increase the likelihood of a feast or famine performance.

The key to your productivity is that every day you need to spend time on Proactive activities as well as the Reactive activities the whirlwind puts in your path.

What are you doing to do next to be proactive in improving your time management?

Check out Nurtureit to see how we can help you organise and visualise your pipeline today.  In no time at all,  it could look like the picture below.

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