10 Ways to Convert More Vacancy Leads

For many recruiters, chasing leads is just smashing the phones and talking about the “perfect candidate”.

On this show, Alex dispels some of these myths and shows 10 ways Recruiters can convert more leads into live vacancies.

Alex also answered questions from the audience.

Watch the replay below.

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1:18 Tip 1 – Fix Your Mindset

2:25 Tip 2 – Focus on Gaining Knowledge

4:20 Tip 3 – Showcase Product

5:25 Tip 4 – Add Value to the Client

6:55 Tip 5 – Research Your Network

8:10 Tip 6 – Keep in Touch

11:10 Tip 7 – Keep it Light

13:40 Tip 8 – Think Long-Term

14:50 Tip 9 – Internal Recruiters Have a Role to Play

16:40 Tip 10 – Be Persistent

About Alex Moyle

I have spent the last 14 years helping 000's of recruiters be better at what they do. My goal is to make recruitment simple. I love using analogies that connect a recruiters job with the things they have already experienced. Please comment or ask questions below, I try to answer everyone. To stay updated with our latest blogs and videos sign up below.