5 Seconds: Making an Instant Impact with Email

When it comes to engaging clients and candidates in your initial approach “winging it” does not work.

What does work is taking time to stop and think about what you are going to say or write that will grab the attention of the client.

On this show, we had Katrina Kibben, who is a recruitment marketing expert.  In her 7 years as a recruitment marketer, she has written thousands of newsletters, emails and social media posts that are specifically aimed at attracting the attention of candidates and hiring managers.

Katrina shared her secrets to success that recruiters can apply immediately to their sourcing and BD activities.


What We Covered

2:15 – What mindset does a Recruiter need to have when marketing?

6:15 Do I need to personalise every message I send?

7:00 How can using marketing persona’s help me personalise my messages?

12:20 Is it possible to spend too much time preparing before contacting someone?

15:00 Why you should NOT include the job title in your email?

16:50 What should the call to action be at the end of the email?

20:20 What to do if you struggle with writing

22:12 What are the words you should not use in an email message

26:00 Why you should tell candidates why they are NOT right for the job

28:10 How can you measure the effectiveness of messages?

29:50 How can I generate more leads from my website


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