How to Win Business From Internal Recruiters

Many agency Recruiters still approach Internal Recruitment teams like they are a barrier to their ‘real client’, the Line Manager.   However, many forward-thinking agencies are growing their businesses by building strong partnerships with Internal Recruiting teams.    To succeed in this approach agency Recruiters have to take a different approach when winning business from Internal Recruiters.

On this show, we had Terra Carbert founder of SHEOPS Talent.     During her career, she has worked for Agencies, RPO providers and In-house recruiting teams.    Terra will share her insights on what internal talent teams look for when engaging an agency Recruiter.


Key questions we discussed were:

3:04 – What is life like as an Internal Recruiter?
4:40 – What KPI’s are used to measure an Internal Recruiters performance?
6:45 – Why should Agency Recruiters spend more time understanding the specific needs of Internal Recruiters?
11:48 – How can Agency Recruiters initiate relationships with Internal Recruiters?
18:15 – Should Agency Recruiters go straight to line managers?
21:15 – How should Agency Recruiters handle the objection “we already have agencies we use?”
24:10 – What should an Agency Recruiter do when they are not getting any opportunities from an Internal Recruiter?
28:15 – How should an Agency Recruiter pitch to join the PSL?
31:10 – How can Agency Recruiters help companies with their Diversity and Inclusion strategies?

Show Replay

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