Can a talent acquisition team impact a company’s culture?

A companies culture depends entirely on the individuals that work within it.    So it would be logical to assume that Talent Acquisition teams can significantly impact the culture of a company?    But is this a fair assumption for me to make?

On this show, we have Alan Walker the founder of #ChatTalent a forum for Talent professionals.  Alan has over 14 years in Talent Acquisition industry working for companies such as Pearson.  He now advises companies on how they can improve how they attract the best talent in the market.

We will be discussing how Talent Acquisition teams

–  Can influence company culture in their approach to hiring?

–  Support diversity and inclusion strategies?

– Improve the effectiveness of teams through changing how companies approach hiring?

– How can a Talent Acquisition team help their company,  hire for potential vs skills in a talent short market?

Watch the Replay

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